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Hi, as in HI.

Hey! My name is Karla. Looks like you stumbled across my blog. Well great! Prepare to be amazed! Lol, nah just kidding. I’m not at all interesting if you ask me. I can be if you’re willing to stick around. No regrets here, I promise. (*wink)

LRM_EXPORT_20180503_203150_1525415539756[432]I’m just your typical island girl living in paradise. I don’t live in a grass shack, but I do have a hell of a tan. I spend most times venturing on land and breathing in the salty seas. I absolutely love food, adventure, and chasing thrills! I created this blog – “Positivity Filter” to radiate nothing, but good vibes and a positive mind. No vibe killers welcome.

Feel free to snoop through my photos; get to know me and my life in paradise. I triple dog dare you…

Don’t forget to be happy and breathe positivity along the way! ♡


Xo, Karla


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